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Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing, Wellness Advocate, Essential Oil Specialist

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Dedicated to empowering confident mothers and their loving partners to trust in their creation and in their Creator, and reach for natural solutions to raise their families. I want families to nurture their instincts and trust that a woman is born to birth, with the support of her partner. With over 35 years of experience, I am passionately ready to guide you both so you experience a calm, gentle birth.

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Ashley, Ryan & baby Gavin

Words cannot express my pure joy at having this birth experience. What magnificent bodies we have been given to fulfill such an incredible process in bringing new life to this world. I hope every woman can be as blessed at having such an amazing support group and have the confidence to know there is a plan for each of these little children and for each of us as birthing mothers. Thank you, Debbie, for never losing faith and encouraging me to bring the goals I had visualized into a very real and moving reality! Much love!

Carol, Spencer & baby Asher

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help getting Asher here and for helping me get ready for him to come into my life. It was something that I felt ill prepared for and you made me feel like I could do it. Thank you for all the labor support that you offered and all the extras to make me more comfortable. The massages that you offered gave so much relief and you even massaged my feet when I got back to my room. I am so glad that you were willing to help us labor at home so that I could be more comfortable and labor in a way that I wanted. Your presence at our birth grounded me and helped me focus and helped me maintain the calm that I was seeking. My husband felt useful and included with your gentle instruction and has commented many times. Thank you also for not making me feel judged in anyway for my fears and concerns and for your always positive approach to the birth. I really feel like my baby did not come until I was ready for him in my life and it was you who helped me get ready. Thank you again.

Lonnie, Scottie & Lonnie IV

Dreams Really Do Come True! We wanted to thank you for all the guidance and assistance that you provided to us with the delivery of our very special little boy. Having no family here in Utah, we knew we needed someone there with us in the delivery room. We had read several acclaimed books referring to Doulas assisting the parents before and during the birth. Everything we read confirmed the dream that we had for bringing our child into the world. What we wanted was a peaceful, serene entrance into a calm and loving environment. We embraced the merging of Eastern practice with Western medicine. After we met you, we knew right away that your calming nature was an element that we needed for the delivery of our child. You helped make the unknown less intimidating for us as we incorporated HypnoBirthing® breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, calming music, guided imagery, and even essential oils diffusing in the background. Choosing you for our Doula was one of the best things that we could have done for ourselves and our child.

Jenica & Jaks Olsen

"Debbie is awesome. Debbie is cool. Debbie pays attention. Debbie knows a lot about birth. Debbie knows everything about birth. Debbie is the bomb. Debbie is amazing.  I don’t really know where to begin.

She starts working with you before the birth so you can prepare yourself.  My wife (Jenica) and I were expecting twins at the time of our first visit with Debbie.  Jenica was nervous regarding all aspects of the remainder of the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum due to our two other children that are already rowdy and rambunctious as is.

During our first visit with Debbie, Jenica’s nervous tension began to ease as they discussed the prebirth, birth, and postpartum.  With Debbie she could work through the visualization of the entire process from beginning to end.  

Before this time, my wife had never fully opened up to me about her reservations.  Comments were made in passing, and we discussed these circumstances a few times prior, but it wasn’t until her conversation with Debbie that my wife could fully express herself and have anyone understand, empathize, and resolve all apprehensions.  As I watched this take place over the course of about an hour, I could visually see Jenica relaxing.  After our first appointment, Jenica’s overall demeanor changed to excitement as she knew she had a plan, and Debbie was on board with the plan to make it happen.

Late Saturday Night as my wife’s water broke, we called Debbie immediately. She left straightaway to the hospital (as we birthed both our older children in the car ride to the hospital) so that she was available in case we had the same situation.  She followed us to the hospital. Once checked in and settled in our room, Debbie began working her magic.  She helped Jenica to begin laboring and assisting her with the associated labor pain and tension. She catered to Jenica in every aspect. She is methodical in her procedures and processes. She adapts to circumstances and assisted in putting together a plan for the birth. She even knew Jenica’s needs before Jenica knew.  With Debbie on our team, Jenica knew that she could birth both our twin boys.

After a few hours, we were in the operating room (by hospital regulation). Debbie was by Jenica’s side the entire time.  I was able to be with the doctor’s/nurses to ensure everything was okay with our new baby boys. Without being conceited, Debbie and I made a great team for Jenica. She materialized the birth that she had dreamed and prepared for since we became pregnant. 

Debbie’s perfectly combined attributes of attention to detail, professionalism with a very personal touch, and abundant information is unmatched. She went above and beyond to help us in whatever we needed. 

I cannot envision the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum going as perfectly as it did without Debbie. She shared in a very intimate event with us, and she will forever be remembered and we will always be grateful for her." Jaks


"I first met Debbie when my first child was born. My doula at the time lined her up to encapsulate my placenta. I had never talked to her before, but was completely impressed when she was at the hospital only a couple hours after the birth to meet us and pick up the placenta. Within 24 hours she had it delivered to us, and at the time of dropping it off even came into our home to show me how to give my newborn a massage, which oils to use, and to show me a few things I could try to help his feeds digest better as he was spitting up massive amounts around the clock.

With our second pregnancy, I knew for sure I wanted Debbie to encapsulate my placenta again as she was so sweet and had such a great turnaround time with our first. Again, she went above and beyond. When my milk came in (on New Year’s Eve even!), she was available to answer ALL of my questions and provide me with suggestions to avoid mastitis, which I could see was going to be an issue. Debbie was the best postpartum resource I had, even more so than my doula or midwife. From that point on, I knew that for any consecutive pregnancies, I wanted Debbie to be my doula.

Fast forward a couple years and we were expecting twins. I immediately reached out to Debbie because I had a lot of reservations about what my delivery would look like this time around.  I hadn’t had hospital births before and did not want your typical twin delivery via C-section. She calmed my fears by sharing what she knew about the doctor I had chosen and from early on, reminded me that I needed to have faith in my body and everything would be okay – exactly what I needed to hear!

Throughout my pregnancy, she was attentive and checked in with me frequently. She constantly reassured me that although we were going the hospital route (which I was not ecstatic about, but felt better about over a homebirth), I would get to have the same type of birth that I had before and with only the medical intervention that I felt good about. She made me feel empowered and fully capable of birthing my twins naturally.

When my bag of water released, I called her in a panic because my previous two deliveries were precipitous and resulted in car deliveries. She was calm and encouraged me to get on the road right away and that she would do the same. Within minutes she was there following us and our doctor, caravan-style, the 30 minute drive to the hospital.

Once there she immediately started caring for me physically so that I could get into a relaxed and prepared frame of mind. She rubbed oils on my legs and feet, made sure I felt comfortable in every way, and coached my husband on ways he could help me. My labor progressed perfectly with her suggestions and care. While I delivered both babies she sat by my side and held me, coached me, encouraged me. While my husband attended to our babies after their birth, she stayed by my side and reassured me and complimented me on an incredible birth.

Debbie uses the most optimistic and beautiful words. She knew that I was a visual person and helped me to tap into that perfectly to remove myself from the physical discomforts I was experiencing.

She is everything a woman needs and deserves for such a precious, miraculous, and tender time in her life. I am beyond grateful for everything Debbie did to make my pregnancy enjoyable, without fear, and to ensure my delivery was everything I had hoped for, and more. She has such a passion for birth and it is evident in her every word and action. She will always have a special place in my heart!"

Sydney & David Skelton

David and I fell in love with Debbbie Gordon during our Hypnobirthing classes that truly changed the way we viewed birth. We had no fear going into birth and truly were looking forward to it because of Debbie. Debbie also arrived after birth to checknin on us, and delivered our placenta pills to our house within 24 hours, and made us gorgeous oil blends to help with healing. Highly recommend, and Debbie is now family to us.

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Tracy Robbins King

Debbie Gordon is such a comforting hypnobirthing teacher. I genuinely feel like my husband and I were divinely guided to Debbie and her knowledgeable and empowering classes. She is a great match for anyone who wants to give their child and themselves the best chance at a non-medicated birth. While we understand there is so much uncertainty this course gave us CONFIDENCE. Hallelujah for Debbie! Her guidance and support have helped us to know so much more than we used to. 

We will always be able to make the right informed choices if we understand what we are delving into.

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