Placenta Encapsulation

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...Mammals ingest the placenta after birthing their young. If it were not so, both the mothers and their young would be prey! Ingestion of the placenta ensures a plentiful milk supply, faster recovery, increasing maternal energy levels and prevents postpartum depression. There is much research on the benefits of utilizing this natural resource. I offer and encourage placental preparation to all of my clients to ensure an equally magnificent postpartum experience.

I Encourage Placenta Encapsulation and Offer This to All My Clients

Health Is More Than Controlling Symptoms. It is a dynamic process rooted deeply in prevention. Developing and maintaining homeostasis should be considered the keystone for proactive and prevention models of health.

Dr. David K. Hill

Read What Others Say...

“When I first mention to anyone that I’m going to ingest my placenta, their first reaction is always, ‘No, that’s gross!’ but as I continue to talk to them about why I’m going to do this, the conversation always ends with ‘I wish someone had told me about this when I was giving birth.’"

"What if someone told you that they made a single supplement that could prevent postpartum depression, made sure you had plenty of breast milk for your new baby, hurried you along the post-birth healing process, gave you plenty of energy, built back your blood supply and iron count, and gave you and your baby just the right nutritional and hormonal support for the first month after birth? Would you be interested? Well, nearly every new mother can have the opportunity to experience a great postpartum, by using one simple resource. The placenta."

The Placenta Is An Extension Of The Baby

And is formed from the Conceptus. When conception takes place, some cells differentiate to form the baby, others to form the placenta, the amnion membranes, umbilical cord, etc. From the conception, the survival of our species is ensured, naturally.

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