Self Care

with Essential Oils

As You Take Greater Responsibility For Your Health...

It’s paramount to understand the issues that may not require the immediate attention of a medical professional.

It’s important to see a doctor when the situation calls for it, but some minor issues can be solved at home.

Taking care of your skin, supplementing to promote the health of your body’s systems, staying on top of health issues — all of these can be addressed with proper use of natural products.

How To Use Essential Oils In Your Hygiene Routine?

With so many essential oils, and each essential oil possessing a unique chemical makeup, there are countless ways to use essential oils for personal hygiene.

Keep reading for some specific ideas about how and which essential oils to use for things like skin care, hair care, oral care, and other daily hygienic tasks.

Want to Get Started With Essential Oils?

The pure, powerful nature of essential oils makes them useful for promoting a healthy-looking complexion.

If you want glowing, healthy-looking skin, consider incorporating any of the following oils into your daily skincare routine.

By choosing essential oils that have proven cleansing and beautifying properties, you can help promote healthy-looking hair

without any extra work. Here are some ideas for adding essential oils to your daily hair care products.

Whether you want a clean mouth, healthy gums, or fresh breath, essential oils can be used during your daily rituals to promote good oral health. Remember—before using essential oils on the teeth, gums, and mouth, ensure that the oil has been approved for topical and internal use, and always dilute before using on children or those with sensitivities.

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