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It Has Been My Calling And My Life's Mission...

To empower confident mothers to trust in their creation and in their Creator as they bear children and then further assist them in managing their family's wellness with natural solutions that support the body's healing from the inside out.

I have been working with childbearing women and families since 1985 and I am so happy you are here and so honored to support you on your birthing journey and beyond with Natural Solutions!

Take a look around and note all the ways we can work together.

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Birthing Services

Enroll in a HypnoBirthing® class series

Each class series lasts 5 weeks.

Group classes held on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS FROM 6-9 PM MT

Wellness Services

Partner With Me To Help

Create A Healer In Every Home

Want to expand your time freedom and your financial freedom while becoming a healer in your home and helping others do the same?

Let's meet in person or over Zoom and talk about an opportunity that may be the solution for you as you manage your family's wellness naturally and reduce toxic exposure for you and your family, while creating an income, right from your home!

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