When You Are Pregnant, Your Body Goes Through A Wide Variety Of Changes...

These changes often bring feelings of discomfort and sensitivity throughout the body. While every pregnancy is a little different, the goal is to support the healthy, proper function of the entire body. Along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, essential oils can be used during pregnancy to help support a healthy body and healthy baby.

Essential oils for Labor

Because essential oils promote uplifting and calming feelings, they can be extremely useful during labor and delivery when stress, anxious feelings, and emotions are running high.

Research shows that women who use essential oils during labor and delivery have reported less anxious feelings and felt more positive about their experience, when compared to women who did not use essential oils.

  • Use Black Pepper and Basil oil diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil on the lower back to ease discomfort during labor.

  • Try using the AromaTouch® blend topically for comforting and relaxing effects. This blend helps to soothe the mind and the body, and is especially helpful for soothing areas of tension and stress when applied to the back and shoulders.

Essential oils for Birthing

Your body goes through a variety of changes. These changes often lead to discomfort and sensitivity throughout the body. While every pregnancy is slightly different, the goal is to support healthy, proper functioning of the entire body.

In addition to proper nutrition and regular exercise, essential oils can be used during pregnancy to support a healthy body and baby.

The combination of dōTERRA Balance® and Wild Orange oil make a good blend, especially during delivery when you want to balance emotions and dispel anxious feelings.Clary Sage oil can be used to reduce tension, which is helpful for contractions. Consider blending Clary Sage with other calming essential oils like Lavender oil or Geranium oil.

Essential oils for Newborns

I figured this out first hand in my experience of using essential oils over the past 26 years. There is no governing body that regulates the purity and potency of essential oils. So it’s very important that you use a pure tested grade essential oil that has not been adulterated.

Oftentimes, the labeling of the product will give you information about the purity and potency. But ultimately, the best clue will be in opening the bottle, using it, and experiencing consistent therapeutic benefits. I want to know that I am using the most pure and potent product for myself, my family and others who are around me. And that's why I use and advocate for dōTERRA!

Knowing that the oils I use are sourced from around the globe from their natural habitat, that care is taken in distilling the part of the plant with the most therapeutic chemical constituents, and that even the time of the growing season and the time of the day are taken into consideration with how that affects the therapeutic qualities is important to me.

I also want to know that the essential oils are third party tested and guaranteed to be free of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides… free of any adulteration (nothing added synthetically or taken away, no chemical alteration), and that molecular constituents are consistent between distilled batches.

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